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If your business is looking for ground-breaking technology in the authentication arena, pull ahead of your competition by collaborating with us to take this opportunity to the marketplace.

Are you Looking to use Shayype for Personal Use?

We want you to adopt a new mindset and arm yourself with new tools to protect your identity.  Sign-up today and become a premium user for the life of your account.

Introducing a new kind of password

Never Reveal Your Secret

80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords (DBIR, Verizon 2019). Now is the time to do something about it before it’s too late.

Easy to Remember

Why are passwords so hard to remember and how can we make them better?   Your ID is safer with Shayype - and it’s much easier to use.

Help us Make the Future Safer

Improve your productivity by accessing your vital apps quicker and safer and with your help, we can eradicate dangerous fixed passwords.

How to Create a Shayype Account:

Where the tech giants failed, Shayype has succeeded.

The password was never the bad guy. If anything’s to blame for the mess authentication has found itself in, it’s things like device-based two factor and biometrics.

What the world really needed was a better mentally held secret, a new ingredient designed to power the authentication systems of the future. And thanks to Shayype, it now has it...

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